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and killed in oakland. what could help find her killer. >>> complete bay coverage starts now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> it's monday, d ecember 21st. this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with late word that the white house and republicans have reached an agreement on the fiscal cliff, the deal includes a tax hike for u.s. households making for than $250,000 a year. joe biden is at the capitol to brief democrats and there's a possibility the senate could vote tonight. the major remaining issue is how to make budget cuts. >> taxes will go up and the united states will ring in the new year by going over the fiscal cliff. it would increase the state tax, bring back higher tax rates on owners. >> our most immediate priority is to stop taxes going u pstarting tomorrow. i think that is a modest goal we can accomplish. >> reporter: they wanted taxes to go up on couples making $250,000. this deal is a concession as it increases on households. >> it has been clearly a g ood- faith negotiation. we all want to protect taxpayers and we can get it done now. >> reporter: a sticking point is a
say the shooter had confronted earlier that night at club caliente. >>> oakland police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. the police department shot spotter picked up several gunshots just before 1:00 this amp at hamilton street. investigators say that someone fired a gun into a car that was carrying three people, killing one of them, apparently a teenager. the other two people in that car were unharmed. police are still looking for that gunman. >>> the man accused of killing seven people at oakland's oikos university will be going to a hospital instead of a courtroom. alameda county superior court panetta ruled goh is incompetent to stand trial. she based her decision on reports from two psychiatrists. goh faces seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder during a massacre at oikos university where he had once been a nursing student. >> this is not about him trying to avoid responsibility or him trying to get out of -- of this. i mean, he has confessed to these crimes. >> goh will most likely be sent to napa state hospital. if his
. >> the creature was taken to the oakland zoo and found to be in poor health employ the owner is now facing -- he did not enter a police. >>> a former death row are inmate is suspected in the death of his own mother. 7-year-old dennis stan wick called 911 yesterday. officers went to his home on mash marsh field road. he was patrolled in 1990. an until of 1 of the murder victims questions that decision. >> i worry about our system letting him out again. i really do. but, i have a gun and i know how to use it. >> he is a registered sex offender who admitted raping others. he is expectd if court tomorrow or monday. >>> continuing coverage for the california budget was unveiled today. the governor said his budget will avoid the boom and bust mentality. it was reduce the deficit, pay down debl and keep spending with in our -- debt and keep spending within our means. >> i will say no because california is saying yes in a very progressive way on many different levels. >>> budget anticipates an $851 million surplus, even though a nearly $2 billion deficit is expected. >> the governor proposes a $2.7 bill
beach, janna. >>> to developing news out of the oakland where we learned there is an officer-involved shooting that happened around 6:30 tonight. details are slim but fire officials have confirmed police were involved in the shooting and a witness at the scene tells us, he saw an officer being taken into an ambulance. we have news crews on the way and will bring you more as it comes into the newsroom. >>> lawmakers gathered to to pay respects to a fallen officer. funeral services were held for ton. he was shot and killed by a man he confronted while responding to a burglary. the suspect turned the gun on himself. among those in attendean was governor jerry brown. >>> two homes in the same upscale neighborhood targeted in terrifying armed rob byes. the similar toys that say the crimes may be linked. >>> and music accompanies the opening of a first of its kind center, why it's the key feature. >>> weather changes are coming, when you may need the jacket and umbrella coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an
firsthand. several cars spun around doing donuts with little regard for others. oakland traffic stopped near the coliseum many drivers not knowing what to do. we showed lifelong oaklander hall pictures of what drivers saw on the freeway yesterday. >> i think that was awful for them to just hold everyone at bay on the freeway as they did. >> reporter: the freeway disruption attracted attention on this overpass according to a couple of postings on facebook. >> i would hope that whoever is responsible that the highway patrol or whoever needs to do whatever they can so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: this man doesn't like to see videos posted for anyone who is curious. >> this is happening on 880? >> yeah. >> did they get caught? >> reporter: not yet. and there's more videos posted every day depicting highway activity. the chp tell us they have witnesses and tips that may lead them to the drivers. >> i live right up the street, yeah. so i'm not really surprised. >> reporter: the chp says they have more information to release about this case tomorrow. reporting live in oakland, jade hernand
. fall >>> this is bay area news at seven and we begin tonight with developing news in oakland where two people are in custody in connection with a house fire burning right now near china town. now, the flames 90 minutes ago and quickly grew to two alarms. it is building in a hous621 harris son street. crews have been fighting the fire from the ground and from the roofs of near by buildings. oakland police detained two people who reportedly were skwating in the house. we also heard one person was hurt, the extent of that person's injuries are is not clear right now >>> it's not much of a rain maker but the weather caused traffic problems around the area. an suv flipped over on corona road. the driver had minor injuries between noon and 3:00 p.m. today the highway parole responded to 33 incidents. most of them were weather related. >>> here's a live look at traffic on interstate 80 from the camera parole. motor oil ma have aaccumulated on the roads. it all adds up to accidents and we've seen showers off and on lingering into the evening. chief meteorologist bill martin is here now with ju
. this is the second such incident this week. on monday night an oakland officer was shot in the arm at seminary and 17th. >>> a hazing scandal at a bay area high school cost the head football coach his job and five students at that school have been expelled. we are live now with what we have learned about the hazing and the punishment, john? >> reporter: gasia, football season has been over for two months now but today the head football coach was fired and five players expelled for what happened off of the field. as classes let out today, students flooded the parking lot to catch a ride home. the school announced that the head football coach was fired because five of his players harassed six younger players in the locker room with their uncovered genitles. >> it is disturbing, you know. it we know it goes on but we are glad it reached out to a lot of people. >> reporter: school officials would share few details but confirmed it is a pattern of behavior that continued throughout last season. >> they were expelled because the school has a strict policy about hazing and about abusive behavior and they
>>> happening now a tense man hunt in oakland after a gunman shoots and wounds an undercover police officer. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener, frank somerville is off tonight. a gunman shot and wounded an undercover police officer tonight. the search for the gunman is heating up right now. noelle walker is live on seminary and 17th where officers have now quardened off the area. >> reporter: i'm going step out of the way so you can see what i see. there's an offer about a half a block down with an officer with his door open and armed. the police chief talked to the media within the last hour. here's what we know right now. we have seen officers with guns drawn. this is an active man hunt right now for two suspects believed to still be in the area. one person believed to be a suspect is right now being held by police. the highway patrol is helping with some air support. b.a.r.t. police officers are helping in this investigation as well. now just before 6:30 tonight, an undercover oakland police officer was in this area following up on a shooting from yesterday. so
out of a suer line at the oakland campus. those roots blocked a pipe sending suage backing up into the hospital yesterday. these photos here show the scene inside after the sewage rained down on a sterile processing unit. >> we realized it was the smell of urine and fee sees, and from that point on, we immediately -- my staff members and myself, management, we immediately started taking precautions. >> the hospital still working to sterilize the effected rooms, but officials say no sue saj-contaminated areas of patient care. >>> the alameda county sheriff's office says it found a five-foot alligator guarding a marijuana stash. take a look here at mr. teeth. deputies say he was guarding 34 pounds of processed marijuana. the gator was found in a plexiglas tank in a house in castro valley. deputies arrested the gator's owner. the alligator is now being treated at the oakland zoo. >>> as you can imagine, we have a lot of ktvu viewers commenting on this story. you can join the conversation by liking us at ktvu channel 2 news on facebook. >>> i just couldn't bring myself to vote for
bay with few scattered rain showers towards the bogeda bay region. san francisco and oakland as we come in tighter here least some light to even moderate downpourses in tiburon. as we move the maps tot south not as much coverage here. to the west of 101 and out towards the inland east pay, this activity, the heavier cell moving to the east of the brentwood, and the stockton region. san josi right now reporting lots of cloud cover and a few light rain showers. the heavier downpours towards santa cruz. >>> and a stormwatch coverage continues on there you can find our stormtracker 2 interactive radar and track the system as it moves along of just click on "weather" near the top of homepage. >> new video tonight after a cabdriver was stabbed outside of the macarthur b.a.r.t. station in oakland. according to oakland police a man and woman got into an argument inside a bart train around 7:15. the woman got off the train and the man followed in pursuit. according to veteran's cab company the woman got into a cab with the man following. at that point the cabdriver intervened. cab
these drivers doing doughnuts on oakland on saturday afternoon. traffic came to a stand still while the group spin encircles. this was posted on facebook and you tube. the highway patrol said it inconvenienced drivers. >> it's important that people think that it's not funny. you have a lot of people you have affected that day and it's not okay. >> we spoke with one person today who favors making side shows legal and holding them in a safe location. jason green is part of save the show foundation and says city leaders should allow side shows that have proper barricade. >>> a crowd showed up in san francisco to weigh on a control to face condo control. live at city hall and tells us there's a one time bill being considered, jenna. >> reporter: this meeting lasted more than three years. it was packed at city hall with people wanting to speak out against this housing battle. >> they're proud parents of an eight week boy, but their home is making them lose more sleep than the baby. they have a one bedroom unit so the crib is in their closet and they can't buy because she brought it as a tic where
opened fire. it may be gang related. >>> oakland police release evidence of a arrests thursday night picking up glenn will sob at the airport in houston. wilson was using an alias and was trying to flee to mississippi. a complaint also releases details from the attack the officer clearly identified himself as a police officer. >> the suspect at that point didn't care. so that's the mentality of the violence of the individual that we're dealing with. >> glenn wilson faces charges of armed robbery of an officer and aassault. two other men are in custody of parole violations. go to for more on coverage. declaring a state of emergency. just self-control down to hot topics. >>> tonight california lawmakers are considering a list of nine new gun lawings. there was -- examined whether current laws need to be refined. some argued the focus needs to be on enforcing the laws we already have. >> a $20 million a year investment in gutting the guns out of a prohibited person would be a very wise and worthy investment. >> the number of bills on the table is likely to increases a the heari
in the oakland connector. the columns are now visible along haganberger road. bart says the project is about 65% complete, and should be ready for passengers by september of 2014. the 3.2-mile system will not use bart cars, instead it will use driverless three car trams that are pulled along by a cable. similar to what is used at sfo. the cost is estimated at $484 million. >>> the secret of the rose bowl. >> so you're driving blind. completely blind. >> we'll take you inside the float to show you what makes the drive so tricky. >> in 90 seconds, from boosting business, to causing crashe >>> no austerity measures tonight. greece marks the new year with fireworks above the ancient ruins in athens. >>> here in the bay area, people ringing in 2013 outdoors are wise to bundle up. it's cold. >> inside the store, the owner says business is up. this winter, temperatures consistently stayed cold. >> we always have a rush before thanksgiving. people want to get a fireplace insert in by thanksgiving. and be able to zone heat, rather than use a furnace, or an open hearth fireplace, which doesn't eat much,
on the streets of oakland as police investigate four deadly shootings that all happened within a six hour span. the most recent killing happened at 8:15 tonight on the 900 block of hillside. they found a male suffering from a fatal gunshot wound he was pronounced dead on the scene. there are reports that as many as 30 shots were fired. the chp assisted police in the search for several suspects seen running from that area. >>> late this afternoon police responded to reports of shots fired in the 3400 block of west street in west oakland. it was about 4:15 when officers arrived on the scene. they say by then the victims were gone. he had somehow been transported to the hospital where he later died. about an hour earlier at 3:00 this afternoon a man was found dead of gunshot wounds near diamond park in the glen view district. police reported a man down. police are calling this a homicide but there is no further information. and yet another shooting happened around 2:30 this afternoon in the 2300 block of east 17th street. police said the victim was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was c
now, ktvu's amber lee is live in oakland city hall and tells us why the experts and his tactics are causing so much controversy. >> reporter: just a short while ago the police chief addressed the city council and behind me you can see the over flow room where people are watching the proceedings on a monitor. at times emotions ran house as residents speak at the meeting. >> i'm scared to have a black boy in oakland. >> reporter: stop and frisk, it's a policy placed by bratton. >> what he is doing elsewhere it may have worked, doesn't mean it's going to work here. >> reporter: hundreds came to city hall to find out if the city will spepd $100,000 to hire a consulting team -- will spend $100,000 to hire ha consulting team. >> i hear gunshots all day sometimes. sometimes all night. who wants to be in that environment? >> reporter: supporters of stop and frisk and bratton says oakland can use all the help they can get. last night's nonfatal shooting of a police officer is just the latest example of the violence hurting oakland. >> if bill bratton can bring the help that our city need
on the oakland a's. siting records the report found that milky cabrera, gonzalez, colon, rodriguez and others bought performance enhancing drugs there. colon and cabrera both served suspensions last year. >>> you may call it the dark sight of the celebration. san francisco police say they will be on the look out for people getting out of control on super bowl sunday. paul chambers spoke with business owners on the steps they plan to take to make sure they're not the victims of vandals. >> reporter: city workers spent the day cleaning up graffiti in san francisco's mission district. a job he may be repeating at the end of the week especially if the 49ers win the super bowl. >> it's pretty upsetting. people work hard out here. it's their livelihood. people should just respect what's going on out here. >> reporter: it was just three months that park and mission looked like this. fires burning on the streets. business owners out here say they don't want to so this again. that's why they'll be shutting down early sunday and others say if the niners do win they will prepare to close early. >> once
. >>> and in the oakland hills, news chopper 2 is overhead after police shut down part of claire minute avenue near fish ranch road where police say black ice caused a 7-car pileup about 8:30 this morning. no one was hurt, but several cars were damaged. >> good evening to you, and this is the fourth night in a row we are going to endure frigid temperatures. we do have advisories that will move into place in the overnight hours, and the numbers already rapidly dropping off. 36 in napa right now. 40 degrees in concord. 49 san francisco. as we head inland, east bay, 37 degrees at walnut creek, 33 degrees out mount diablo low 40s in mrez santon and livermore. we have advisories. the frost advisory for our bay side communities, back into the 30s into the overnight hours and shades of purple for our inland valley locations, northeast and south bay, a freeze warning that will last until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, as well. when i come back i'll show you a detailed map of what i expect for you tomorrow morning and when i expect us to finally warm up. gasia. >>> nearly 30 homeowners are headed into this frigid n
-old girl is in the hospital tonight, the victim of a drive-by shooting that prompted oakland's police chief to address concerned neighbors. the shooting happened at 65th in east oakland, where the 8- year-old was just playing this evening. the girl is in stable condition, but will have to stay the night. >> reporter: the 8-year-old is being kept here at the hospital overnight. the grandmother tells me, she fears for her family's safety. a third grader is playing in the front yard of a relative's home. a car pulls up. several people start to get out of the vehicle, when a second car drives up, and starts shooting. bullets shattered the window of a black suv. we also counted four bullet holes on the front windows of the home. one bullet struck the girl's leg. >> it takes an 8-year-old girl to get shot for them to even come to you are 0 neighborhood. >> reporter: this man says police rarely patrol this neighborhood. >> they let all of these guys act the fool. do donuts, deal drugs, they don't even come around here. >> i do believe in our leadership. i do believe in our police chief that he's g
committee. they argue that he will bring tactics to oakland. the mayor strongly supports hiring him but reaffirmed that racial profiling will not be tolerated in oakland. >> in the south bay, a who's who will gather tonight to honor moore. she retiring after 27 years at the department and two years as chief. moore says he decided to retire early when city leaders decided against put a half cents sales tax on the november ballot that would have helped fund the department. >> the president of the university of california is re- signing at the end of august. he is facing health issues. he was the head of the 10 campus system nearly five years ago. it featured dozen of campus protests followed by tuition hikes. he plans to teach law at uc berkley. >> a record number of applicants for undergraduate admission. 8.6% rise in applicants from last year for a totele of nearly 175,000. that includes fresh men and transfer students. they're seeing a surge in foreign applicants up 45% and for the first time latino students are the largest in state group applying for freshman spots at 32%. >> a fe
. happening now, hundreds of people are packed into oakland city council came percent even overflowing into the hallways. the council set to vote on a controversial plan to hire and outside police consultant. opponents say his stop tactic is racial profiling. we do have a crew there and we'll bring you a live report tonight on the 10:00 news. >>> meantime opd stays rounded up five people during a 20 hour as much for suspects following a shooting that wounded one of thundershower officers -- one of their officers. the under cover officer was shot in the arm last night. opd and the county launched a search. they combed through dozens of homes. >> the residents in the area have been fantastic. they have worked with the police department and other agencies here with pus. >> we love to see something done that would be more lasting as far as curbing this kind of violence. >> the under covers off has been in facing a previous shooting and was interacting with several people when he was shot. it's unclear if the suspects new he was an officer. two of the five people rounded up were arrested fo
that the next chief is the right fit for san jose. >>> new video of a shooting in east oakland that sent one person to the hospital. police say a man was found suffering from gunshot wounds just before 8:00 tonight on sunkist drive floor core mack avenue. we are told she was shot in the black from a passing vehicle. neighbors say they heard about 30 rounds, and it sounded like an automatic assault rifle. it is unfortunate, but the new year is off a violent start in oakland, and city leaders are blame much of it on a feud. and police say catching them isn't easy. in front of a moorle for an oakland victim, oakland's police chief and mayor say they are working to stop the string of violence. >> we know there's probably 1% to 2% of the population causing this violence, and we are focused on them. >> reporter: on saturday and sunday many were wounded in shooting. police say the last four killings all happened on friday, and i peer to be connected to an ongoing feud between rival groups that started when a young woman was killed last summer. >> this group has become increasingly violent. they ha
>>> oakland's police chief is shouted down amidst a new effort to hire an outside gun to crack down on crime. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a new plan is causing outbreak. amber lee is live at city hall where a vote is expected to go on any moment now. >> reporter: at the beginning the tone was ruckus but has since toned down. at the center is a controversy known as stop and frisk. police chief howard jordan was heckled by protesters when he tried to talk about hiring an outside team. protesters disrupted the meeting any time someone spoke in support of hiring william bratton who's credited with turning around the l.a. and san francisco police department. >> one man shouted back at the hecklers. >> reporter: this oakland moment said she lived in l.a. when bratton was chief there. >> he told his officers that los angeles was beirut and they should patrol as such. what do you think did to the officers that were working that the time. >> reporter: one man said it was stock and frisk that took the life of his son. >> we can't get alan back. we can'
with their families. >>> we have new information about a sewage spill in oakland. two state agencies are investigating. as alex savage explains clean up crews were working hard to make sure workerpatients don't face a health risk. >> reporter: a foul mess inside yesterday. photos provided to ktvu shows sewage dripping from the ceiling. >> the smell was terrible. >> reporter: staff members took precautions covering up tables full of instruments. >> a little drip from the ceiling and got to be like it was raining. >> we just kicked in, to crisis mode and our staff, our sterile processing staff did everything we could do to help contain the situation. >> reporter: the hospital issued what is called a code dry, meaning no one was allowed to use tap water for several hours. dr. o'bryan told me five elective surgeries had to be cancelled because of the spill and they had today vert ambulances to other hospitals but -- divert ambulances to other hospitals. potentially contaminated surgical instruments are being cleaned. >> we have an alternative area we opened up, to process sterile supplies. >> reporter: to
's hospital in oakland. when the deputy opened the door, hoskins ran into the neighborhood at 14th avenue and 30th street and hasn'taffeta been seen since. >> in sonoma county sheriff's deputies identified the man found dead friday at a garbage transfer center. workers found the body of 30- year-old luis gomez-diaz at the facility on petaluma boulevard south. they say gomez-diazs with a transient and may have died elsewhere and arrived at supporter on a truck. there is no word yet on a cause of death. >>> hundreds of people at the memorial for a local teenager and the pleg that was made to prevent another tragedy. >>> violence at a southern california movie theater. what prompted police in san diego to shoot and critically injure a man this afternoon. >> it's well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announ
. >>> police closed interstate 880 in oakland for nearly two hours. the driver of a white sedan hit the center divider just south of the high street exit happened around 7:45 tonight. a witness also told ktvu that the driver got out of that car and tried to cross the freeway. the witness says the manmade it across one lane before he was struck by an suv. it's believed several other vehicles also hit the man who was pronounced dead there at the scene. >>> as emergency personnel and chp responded to the situation, the highway was closed in the area. northbound traffic was diverted off the highway and were allowed to return at the next entrance. the chp opened all entrances at about 9:40. >>> a woman was hit by a car, debora villalon has new information. >> reporter: chp is still notifying next of kin. but we know the driver was 69 years old and from san joaquin. the call for sheriff's divers. >> this is a rescue situation we're willing to put our lives on the line to go in and do it. >> reporter: witnesses saw it happen. a sedan instead of turning toward the freeway sped straight through the red
to all of the customers affected in the south of market and china basin areas. >>> a veteran oakland police officer shot while on duty last night is expected to fully recover. police say the officer was respond a car crash at the intersection of east 12th and 48th avenue in the fruitvale district. as officers arrived on scene, one of drivers ran off. when they went to investigate they say a suspect opened fire. the officer was hit in the leg, but still chased the quan for a block and a half until the suspect surrender. >>> a movie about oscar grant won the prestigious u.s. grand jury prize at the sun dantfilm festival tonight. >> are you taking the train out there? that way you guys can drink and hang out and not have to worry about anything. >> the movie-stars octavia spencer as grant's mother, wanda johnson and michael b. johnson who plays grant. it follows grant's last 24 hours before was shot and killed by a bart police officer. the film may open in the bay area later this year. >>> in fairfield the fire department spent the day working with a structural engineer to make sure n
in oakland just last summer. >>> in the bay area, a huge turnout for a gun buyback program in marin county led to some unexpected problems today. allie explains what organizers did once they ran out of cash. >> the buyback program began at 11:00 this morning at five marin county locations. at police headquarters the line to turn in weapons snaked around the build sglg two semiautomatic 22s. haven't used them in year sgls residents who turned $2 semiautomatic 22s. haven't used them in year sgls residents who turned in semiautomatics got $00 for each firearm, $100 for other guns. but by noon, the $43,000 set aside for the buyback was gone. the marin county district attorney says those vouchers are not guaranteed. tomorrow his office will count up the vouchers handed out and see if they can fund raise the money later to pay people back. >> hopefully they'll appropriate some more funds, and i'll get my hun bucks. if not, so be it. >> while some people were frustrated. >> a typical government operation. >> others said money was never their motivation. >> i'm not a gun person. i have no need for
by a car in oakland tonight and is in critical condition at children's hospital. police say the boy was struck at 48th avenue and foothill avenue around 5:30 p.m. police say he was bleeding from the head. at this point police are trying to figure out if he ran into traffic or he was hit while in the crosswalk. >>> meantime there's a dramatic twist to the story we told you last night about the attempted kidnapping of a south bay child. amber lee is live where officials now say the mother's story was all a lie. >> reporter: neighbors tell me they're upset and can't understand why someone would lie about an attempted child kid kidnapping. in the meantime the mother who made apparently made the false report lives in the two story home behind me. our camera was there, you could barely see the mother, that's the top of the head. they quickly walked inside without talking. but yesterday she told us and police that a man had walked up to her and tried to snatch her 3-year-old daughter from her arms. >> we were tugging at each other and her bottoms were falling off. >> reporter: her story
. however police say none of the three people in that car was injured. >>> oakland police detectives are also investigating the first homicide of the year. a teenage boy who was gunned down in broad daylight. police say the shooting happened on hegenburger road near hamilton street around 12:45 this afternoon. the victim was alone in the car when officers arrived. the teen was pronounced dead at the scene. the coroner has not yet released the teen's name or able and -- or age. >>> a former oakland nursing student is not mentally competent to stand trial. the judge issued the ruling after reviewing reports from two psychiatrists who examined 44-year-old goh. they concluded that goh suffers from schizophrenia. he opened fire last april killing six classmates and a class member at oikos university. goh will likely be sent to napa state hospital if doctors determine his condition has changed he could stand trial at some point in the future. >>> comedian kat williams faces more legal trouble tonight. a judge issued more charges today after he failed to appear in court. williams is curren
in oakland. >> reporter: starting next month, oakland hopes to become the first city in the nation to offer an id card that can also work as a debit card. julio berraro, an undocumented immigrant makes his living selling cotton candy from a stick. he says he's been in the u.s. for 13 years. in limited english, he told me he's been robbed at gun point several times. he says he often carries cash, because he doesn't have a photo id to open a pang account. he plans to apply for the city's new id card, that resembles this prototype, because it can also work as a debit card. he says he will have a safe place to keep his money. gabrielle with street level health project is working with the city to identify people such as day laborers who could benefit from the new cards. >> they carry cash around when they get paid, because they're day laborers. a lot of them are seen as walking atm's. a lot of them have been robbed. >> reporter: people will be able to deposit money into their debit cards in various locations in their neighborhoods. applicants are required to provide a photo id. ones from other c
'll get to the cold snap in a moment. but first, breaking news from oak -- oakland, several people were shot outside of the a home. deborah villalon is joining us. >> reporter: just minutes ago this was a birthday party which ended with five people shot. now our camera was here as those victims were taken away by paramedics. we're told their wounds are not life threatening. they are hospitalized in stable condition and being interviewed by detectives right now. all five victims are men. they were among a group of 20 or so at this birthday party off seminaries just off foothill when someone opened fire on them when they were outside the house. they braced for cover. they ran across the street and the people opened the door for them but that place was hit by bullets. police don't know if the gunman was on car or foot, or he was at the party or he crashed hit, they survived a volley of gunfire here in oakland, deborah villalon. >>> now to the bitter cold weather gripping the bay area tonight is expected to be the coldest night this winter. before the sun comes up some area locations will f
the situation is different for people who grew up in oakland or compton than those growing up in piedmont. his proposal calls for pouring money into schools where students are learning english as a second language. >> disproportionally funding those schools that have disproportional challenges. >> reporter: wealthier schools could see cuts. the san mateo union school district says it expects to lose $4 million in state funding under the governor's new plan. >> we live, we soar. >>> in san francisco protesters held a rally on behalf of health and human services. they want the governor to restore full funding to programs for children, families, seniors and the disabilitied. they say budget cuts weaken the safety net for california's most vulnerable. >>> instead of concluding a search, we learned that san jose is expanding it. we learned that sandra pegoni wants more time to consider them and look at additional candidates. city officials say they want the best match for san jose and there is no time limit. the current chief chris moore plans to retire a week from this friday. >>> vallejo police
'11" and weighs 250- pound. his mother and stepfather says he left his home in west oakland after a disagreement about going to see a friend. >> go across the street to grandma's house, nowhere to be found. we've checked friends in the neighborhood, the schools, everything. >> his mother says she's worried that the boy may be trying to get to his father who lives in atlanta. >>> the, -- the fbi has spent a second day excavating in a well. this search may be just the beginning. bounty hunters say there are many other well sites near by where the killers likely buried their victims. here is a closer look now at the area in the town of linden where the digging is happening. a search of a well near a farmhouse turned up human bones last year. the new well current by being dug up is just down the road. >>> thieves have broken into the oakland museum of california making off with valuable historic artifacts. the museum says a era gold box was stolen. back in november thieves also broke into the museum and made off with gold nuggets and other artifacts. the museum has issued a press conference tomorro
to an oakland gang. the san francisco chronicle said the victim allegedly passed on information about kumra's mansion. the game hatched the home invasion plan. 3 men charged with murder. dixon is an excessery. >> a pursuit ended in a crash just after 5 this afternoon. deputies say they tried to stop a car from reckless driving but called off when the suspect went on city streets crashing near 3 vehicles. several people were injured but nobody went to the hospital. officers say they found a handgun, an ak 47, both of them loaded inside the suspect's car. >>> now to washington d.c. san francisco's mayor, edlee is on with president obama in gun violence. >> by doing what we can do by joining the national effort is going to be critical. >> oakland mayor jean quan says now is the time, and she thinks most americans agree. vice president joe biden addressed the congress today. hess they need the mayor's support to get passed by congress. it is expected to be a fight. >>> overwhelming turn out for marin county is prompting a change. success led to serender. >> for last tuesday's buy back event, su
's body near did i near diamond park. so far no suspect or motive. >>> oakland police say they detained seven gang members at an operation curving gun violence. they served four search brants. it is all -- warrants. police say they warned those arrested that this day would come. >> i personally met where two of the gang members leaders in my office, and issued this warning directly from me. >> officials say they seized guns as well as gang memory gang stuff. >> vivian passed away just two weeks shy of her 86th birthday. over the decade she and her identical twin became san francisco icons. they were known for matching outfits and glovers. she suffered from alzheimer squeeze and happy -- disease and happy hospitalized. >> the owners of a dog bit a man. he does not want his face or last name revealed says the attack happened wednesday afternoon at raleigh manear dog park in south san jose. one dog malled his hand. david said the dog's owners ran away even after he asked them to call for help. san francisco based wells forg o reported record earn -- wells fargo reported revenue of $22 bill
remembered tonight by many people around the bay area. rob roth attended a vigil at oakland's fruitvale station in this fourth anniversary of the shooting of the unarmed man. >> reporter: dozens of people gathered to remember oscar grant. >> if they did not video tape what was happening on that platform. like i said none of us would know who oscar grant is. >> reporter: for grant's mother even four years later the pain of losing her son is still unbearable. >> it doesn't matter if it was a year ago or five years ago, it's still your child and it still hurts. >> reporter: police were responding to reports of a fight when officers detained b.a.r.t. mehserle shot him in the back. >> and he didn't even have to go to prison not one day. he went to jail. you know or protective custody. >> reporter: the larger message today was a call to stop what they see as racial profiling which too often ends up with police officers shooting suspects. >> if they can shoot him they can shoot anybody. >> reporter: the family says they've been invited to the sun dance film festival later this month to view a
day of the holiday weekend and when >>> new video now of a shooting in east oakland, police say the victim is a young man he was shot and wounded about 8:30 tonight. we're told he was conscious but in critical condition when he was rushed to the hospital. police said he was shot at least once in the upper body. the shooting took place on congress avenue and high street. witnesses say they heard two shots but said they didn't hear any arguments beforehand. >>> there is word tonight a 3- year-old boy hit by a vehicle last night in oakland is expected to recover police say a woman drop her cell phone, leaned down to pick it up and then hit the boy. it happened on 28th avenue. both the driver and the boy are from oakland but their names have not yet been released. >>> the man who gunned down two people at the richmond rafael toll plaza is apparently laughing off his death sentence. nathan burris received his sentence this morning. today burris told the courtroom that what he did is quote in the past. >>> honda is recalling vehicles for faulty parts. some of the vehicles may be missi
highway patrol says its officers will continue patrolling oakland streets for another 30 days. the chp had freed to help oakland police. but that deal was set to expire on friday. whether the chp will be paid going forward is another matter. oakland officials agreed to pay for similar help from the alameda county sheriff's department. so far, the chp says officers have made 87 felony arrests in oakland, and seized 15 weapons in this investigation. >>> an illegal pot growing operation discovered today while responding to a house fire. fire crews said when they entered the house, they found a large amount of marijuana along with a heat lamp. >> the electrical system was bypassed. pg and e is on hand to take care of the utilities. >>> meantime police tell us, the man who was shot in east san jose this afternoon is expected to survive. this is video from news chopper 2 of the scene just east of highway 101. the shooting happened about 4:10 this afternoon. officers arrested a 60-year-old man at the scene. they say the suspect knew the victim, a 47-year-old man. officers say the two men had been
shifted south our winds have continue today lighten up. 8 miles per hour and 7 in oakland. if you do have a little bit of a breeze outside your door already agd to the windchill effect because most of us sitting in the 40s even 39 degrees. 49 s fkso so we have mostly clear skies. the winds are going away and with those very calm conditions that cold air is really going to sink totd low-lying areas and it's going to stick so the frost advisory is actually for the bay area, not san francisco but most of our bay side communities down into the santa clara valley through tomorrow morning. the freeze warning is for the north bay valley locations, as well as the hills below a thousand feet. that means mid-to-upper 20s expected in the overnight hours. here is a look at what i'm expecting for santa rosa. 29 degrees for you. 30 in napa, 31 for vallejo. upper 30s in oakland. 32 degrees redwood city. 34 in san jose. upper 20s, livermore, antioch, fairfield. low 40s in san francisco so a chilly start for you but nothing by comparison when you look at some of our inland areas, freezing temperatures and
donald of oakland is scrambling to find affordable airfare so she can fly out. >> this time, it's less of a euphoric experience. now, i think we're a little bit older and wiser, in a sense. we've been bruised, and battered a little bit. >> reporter: a second term, she says is time to get the work done. >> i see these events, very sober events. this is history in the making. and this is a great opportunity for all of us to have a second term with the president that we love to try and get things right. >> reporter: both women tell me, they're thrilled to see the president take the oath again. they say they're looking forward to do more work to help carry out the president's vision. >>> more details now. the president's second term begins on january 20 as mandated by a constitutional amendment. only a private swearing in is scheduled for that day. at monday's public ceremony, john roberts will administer the oath of office, but that traditional ceremony is at the capitol. it's only purely for show. tori campbell will be in washington, d.c., bringing us live reports beginning sunday on mornings on 2. >>
a string of events led them tie woman who claims she was kidnapped at gunpoint in oakland and then forced into prostitution by a vallejo couple. police say 31-year-old james thomas and his girlfriend seen here, 20-year-old xavieria laney are being healed on suspiction of king county forcible kidnapping and forcible pimping. witnesses say thomas left the scene in a white mustang and he was later located at a home on kentucky street and at that home an adult woman said she had been kidnapped and forced into prostitution. >>> a water-main break caused troubles in san leandroo. the breaker was first reported around 4:20 this afternoon. san leandro police had to shut down the road. the road was reed about two hours later the one worker told ktvu they opened up a nearby fire hydrant to reduce the force of water at break. no word on when crews might be able to repair all of that damage. >>> new developments tonight in the sexual assault case against 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree. a lawyer for the player issued a statement today. crabtree's attorney says his client was interviewed by san f
bay you didn't get anything. oakland, san francisco nothing. we're kind of sandwiched between two systems. we'll come in a little closer, you see the last six hours of radar. you see most of the activity is confined to the south bay area. showers are tapering off right now, you can see some showers in liver mother but -- livermore but very, very light. showers have been relatively light for the santa cruz mountains. nearly .3 of rain have fallen. as we move forward into the five day forecast into the weekend there's a chance for more showers. when we get back i will have more details and the time line of that rain. >>> air quality managers have called a spare the air day tomorrow. the recent rain hasn't been enough to flush particulates out of the air. the alert means people are not allowed to burn wood or fire logs unless that is their only source of heat. >>> an investigation into whether the shooting of four teens were tied to a pair of shoes. two men came up to the group of three and there was a discussion about the shoes one of the students was wearing. >> the incident bec
there. crews were also called out to fix two smaller lines in beshg slee and one in oakland. >>> construction resumed today near san francisco's union square on the central subway project. contractors say stockton street will be close and had ellis street will only be partially open between stockton and the garage. when the project is completed it will carry mun i passengers between south and market and china town. >>> theer ra of free parking meters on sunday is over. starting this sunday the city will charge for metered parking from noon until 6:00 p.m.. that will bring in an estimated $2 million per year in revenue. some tell us they agree with the city that the program will free up needed spaces but others worry it may drive away business. the city say it is first three sunsd san francisco parking officers will issue warnings while people get used to the idea. >>> two hours ago said good-bye to its long-time marina district location. staff and fans of the hands-on science museum rang bells and sang as the facility closed after 43 years at that location. this was the last
and seriously injured a third. >>> an oakland mother is asking for help looking for her run away son who has the mental capacity of an 11-year-old. here's 15-year-old charles anderson. he's big for his age. he's 5' 11, and weighs 230 pounds. his mother and step father say charles left his home sunday afternoon after they argued about him going to see a friend. his mother says she has checked with friends and family and he's not with them. >>> there are questions tonight about whether fbi investigators are on the right track in a new search for more victims of the speed freak killers. crews continued for a second day excavating a well in san joaquin county. the well was identified after six months of investigation, including interviews with one of the killers. but a map drawn by shermantine apparently points to another well. bounty hunters say they were told there are several wells where victims' bodies were dumped. >>> investigators bordered an oil tanker anchored in san francisco bay today hoping to find out why it collided with a fender at the base of the bay bridge tower. they're also exa
. there is no word yet on what caused the blaze. >>> another fire broke out a few hours later in east oakland this one in a cargo container. a huge plume of white smoke can be seen coming from 98 avenue and gold street at about 6:00 this morning. firefighters say a container and piles of debris were under fire. this fire too is under investigation tonight. >>> a uc davis researcher injured after an explosion today was arrested. he was charged with possessing materials with the intent to make a destructive device and possessing firearms on campus. authorities say he'll be booked into jail once he's released from the hospital. >>> an independent panel has found that using pepper spray on student protesters was inappropriate. last april about 100 students gathered outside a trustees meeting at a santa monica college to fight a proposed fee hike. the protest turned into a melee when an officer sprayed the crowd three times. friday's report says user pepper pray was against the college's policy. >>> a train ran off its tracks about 11:00 this morning. a total of five cars slipped off the tracks.
. >>> the oakland museum of california has released a photo of a treasured item that was stole then month. look, the museum sent this picture of the gold box from the 1870s. the inside of the id features images of california. remember we first told you about this last week. the box is part of a gold rush exhibit . officials suspect the suspect that stole it also broke into the museum last november and stole other gold items. the museum is offering a $12,000 reward for the return of that box. >>> the attorney for a san rafael teenager says his client can't get a fair trial in marin because of media coverage. max wade is awaiting trial for shooting at a teenage couple and stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini. wade's attorney is arguing that he can't get an impartial jury and wants the trial moved elsewhere. >>> new at 7, a major make-over for san francisco's great highway. construction begins this week. live in the city with the repaving and landscaping project and how will it change. jana. >> reporter: gasia, right now there really aren't any bicycle lanes, no greenery on the great highway,
understaff oakland police department is in the process of testing new applicants. opd has started their physical testing. it's part of the city's initiative to hire more officers to help reduce crime this year. >> we want to definitely beef up our short staff. we're definitely shorthanded here and we definitely want to increase our numbers for 2013. >> applicants to successfully complete the agility test will be given a written test. if they pass that they will be brought before a panel. >> police say delays due to logistical issues and a limited number of field officers. each academy graduates about 40 cadets. >>> a new report accuses top state park officials of knowingly hiding millions of the dollars for more than a decade. the california attorney general's office says park officials continue their quote intentional nondisclosure because they were afraid of budget cuts. the money may have been hidden as long as 14 years. at the time up to 70 parks were slated for closure due to budget cuts. >>> there's some startling new information about last year's massive fire at chevron's r
areas, we just showed you out towards oakland we had some frost. upper 20s to the mid 30s. these numbers up just a little bit slightly warmer compared to this morning. fairfield, low of 28. santa rosa right about 30, san jose, 30s. some changes in the pacific, a few high clouds developing. tomorrow will be dry after that cold start. temperature warming up as we showed you around 55 and 60. and then into the weekend there is a system approaching. now we do introduce the chance of some scattered showers for saturday. rainfall could be developing by mid afternoon sunday into late afternoon hours. we trying to find tune the timing. here's the forecast model showing high clouds into friday. we could be tracking scattered showers. look what happens sunday, rainfall developing gradually superintendenting to the south. tomorrow's temperature for tomorrow, upper 50s to lower 60s. a looked ahead, maybe more sprinkles by monday. >>> they are offering a behind the scenes work on the bay bridge to display an art exhibit. crews are enstalling 25,000 lights on the west area of the bridge. a lighting su
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